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Buying in France

Direct from the seller(private sale)

Occurs regularly in France, but you have to take in consideration the different laws. When you know the region and the language well it is possible, but you need to spend quite some time to have a look around and in general you will not immediately find what you’re looking for in the area you’re looking for. Also the notary offer is limited.

Through a real estate agent

Agencies have a larger offer per area and you are sure the buyer will sell at the announced price (through private sale it happens that the seller changes his mind). The Agency also can help you with the negotiation and administration. Make sure that you treat with al legal registered agency and ask for the “carte professionelle”. The name of the company, the name of the agent and the expiry date are mentioned on this card. This card assures you that you’re treating with an legally registered agency. Prefer a REAL real estate agency whose company is registerd in the region you're looking for, these agencies are well established, have a long term local experience and therefor can give you the best service and advise.

In France the offer is rarely exclusive with one agent and more agencies can offer the same houses for sale. It is usual to sign a "bon de visite" indicating the location, price and visiting date of a particular property. Signing this doesn’t oblige you to buy, only if you would buy this particular property you are supposed to buy through the agent who has showed you the property.

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