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Overview offer and prices
In general real estate prices have decreased the latest years, also in the Languedoc, however this drop in price is not general and depends on the type of property, it's immediate environment and the geographic location, question of offer and demand. The prices of real estate in the Aude remain reasonable compared to other mediteranean regions..

Type of building + price indication:
Prices mostly depend on the general condition, the size and the location.
-location: ex. The closer to the coast or a town, the more expensive, a village with amenities (bar, bakery, grocery,…) will be more expensive than a small village,...
-general condition: it is clear that the condition determins the price
-outside space (courtyard, terrace or garden): the offer of old stone houses is quite large, it’s more difficult to find one with a garden. It’s also worth looking at more recent constructions, which always have a garden with sufficient space for a pool.

Below we give you an indication of actual market prices
1.old stone village house without a garden, sometimes with a courtyard or terrace, depending on the condition between 30 000 and 130 000 €
2.old stone village house with garden(in general the size of a garden varies between 200 and 600m²); prices between 130 000 and 200 000 €
3.barn, stable, sheds: some barns, if located in a village, can be converted into a" house". This solution can be very interesting if you like big spaces or if you want to create a terrace.
It’s very difficult and often impossible to obtain permission to transfer barns or sheepsheds which are located out in the country and away from the villages and usually they can’t get connected to central water of electricity supply.
4. Recent built houses(villa): usually located at the edge of a village, whether or not in an allotment (housing development), detached or semi-detached, prices starting from 170 000 euro, usually almost possible to install a pool. The recent constructions are often of the “bungalow type”
5. Manor with garden (offering possibility for B&B): starting from 350 000 euro
6. Wine Property including buildings and surrounded with vineyards: starting from 850 000 euro
7. Building plots: due to the low offer on houses with a garden, building (planning) could be interesting. Prices vary between 40 and 100 €/m² (in the region of Narbonne and the coast, starting from 200 €/m²), sizes of the plots in general vary between 1000 and 3000 m². Location in an allotment is higher priced since all services are provided and the pltos are smaller.

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