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Selling in France
Depending on the date of purchase of the property and wether the property is considered as a new house or not, you might be subjet to Capital gains taks. Calculation is quite complicated and depends on several issues, we can assist you here.
Before you decide to sell, it is important to check this, before signing a pre sale contract. Tax can be quite important and the notary is obliged to reduce this tax immediately from the sales price.
You also need to be careful when signing a pre sale contract with special conditions precedent like the approval of a mortgage.
The majority of the buyers will need a mortgage for purchase, but it is important to check whether they are financially reliable. Once you’ve signed the compromis, you as a seller are blocked and the sale can be cancelled afterwards without any compensation, you might have missed other, more reliable buyers.

After the signing of the compromis, the buyer still has a 10 days cool off period (according to the law S.R.U.) and has the right to change his mind and could cancel the buy without any compensation. You as a seller don’t have this right!
Depending on the region and date of construction of the house, you,as a seller, are obliged to carry out and pay for the necessary survey reports concerning asbestos, lead in paint, termites, gaz, energy performance, “risk zones” to which the property is exposed like flood, earthquake etc and an inspection of electrics. We advise you to carry out this survey as soon as you decide to sell, at least you will know where you are, and this could avoid unpleasant surprises the moment a buyer presents himself. This survey report needs to be attached when signing the compromis.
Trust us your property, we are an officially registered agency with bankguarentee (member of the FNAIM) and we are aware of the latest legislation. We wish to cooperate in an honest and correct way.
It is our goal to sell your property under the best conditions.
We offer you, as a buyer, following service:
1.Together we draw up a “sales mandate”(legal obligation) which clearly mentions conditions, price end expiry date. Our service is free and our fees are only due when the sale goes through and the deed is signed at the notaire.
2. A complete detailed file of your property with pictures will be announced on our website in 3 languages and linked to others in France and abroad.
3. We remain in contact and regularly update you on publicities and visits made.
4. We have experience in the region and have relations with other agencies (local and international) which increases your chances to sell.
5. Once a buyer is found, we accompany you through the whole sales proces till the signature of final deed and hand over of the keys, we also take care of changeover of water aned electrics.

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