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buying/selling procedure

Once you’ve found the house of your dreams, it is advised to sign a “pre sale contract”. Once this "compromis de vente" or "sous seign privé" is signed, the sale is closed. The signing of this contract can be done at the agency or with the notary. Agencies have special authorisation, and this can be carried out at distance. You don’t need to be present; it all can go through email or post.
As information towards the buyer, there are obliged survey reports to be carried out. In this region, depending on the type of the property, asbestos, lead in paint, termites, energy performance and inspection of the gas and electrical installation, together with a status informing about the technical and natural risks of the property. You will also be informed whether a house is located in a ‘risk zone’, like risk for earthquake or flood. These survey need to be paid by the owner. An additional survey, ex when you doubt on the condition of a house like humidity problems etc is possible, but it's on the buyers behalf.
After signing of the "compromis" you, as a buyer, still have, according to the law S.R.U., 10 days to change your mind and you can cancel the buy through recommended letter, without additional costs. In general people think over there decision before signing so this rarely happens. This law doesn’t apply for a building plot, also the seller doesn’t have this right. During this period you need to transfer a deposit, in general 10%, on a special account used only for this purpose. This is completely save with registered agencies (ask for the carte professionelle to make sure).
The contract can contain special conditions, ex acceptance of a mortgage (when you ask a mortgage at a French bank) or a building permission. If these conditions are not fulfilled, you will get your deposit back and the sale is cancelled without additional costs.
A contract is an agreement between buyer and seller and obliges both parties. When you, or the seller, for one reason or another want to cancel, a compensation needs to be paid at the other partie, notary and agency fees are due too.

In general it takes about 2 months between the signing of the compromis and the final sale (deed). This period is needed by the notary to check the necessary documents. This period can be extended if buyer and seller agree. A few days before signing of the final deed or ”acte the vente” the notary needs the total amount of purchase on his account.

Once the “acte” is signed you are officially owner and need to take a fire insurance. Also as from that date you need to pay annual taxes. In France there are 2 taxes: "taxe foncière" and "taxe d'habitation", these are based on the size of the building, location, comfort (we mention this on our detail files). The taxe foncière is fixed, the taxe d'habitation is personal and can depend on your income, family situation etc.


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