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Tips to prepare your search
Actually there is a lot of information available on the internet, and sometimes it’s difficult to judge if a property can be of interest to you or not. Pictures can be misleading, and also the environment and location are important. With following guide lines we hope to help you to prepare your search. The more an agency knows your requirements, the easier for them to propose you the right property. Inform us what you like and what you don’t like, and the purpose: whether you’re looking for a second home or permanent residence (requirements could be different), location(distance town, beach, airport, local amenities), your preference (old stone properties or more recent house)and also important: your budget. Based on your information we can inform you accordingly en avoid proposals which are not of your interest.

The REGION is important. If you don’t know the regionwe advise you to come over and discover the area, afterwards you will save a lot of time during your “house hunting” because you already know which area you like and which you don’t.

Be realistic, the region is too popular to hope for super bargains, and it's no general rule that asked prices can be discussed significantly, on top of the price you should also count the notaire and registration fees(between 7 and 12%). We give you an indication of the actual market prices under section Preview offer and price indication.

If you need a mortgage for the purchase, contact your bank BEFORE starting your house search, this will avoid many dissapointments, when you want to sell a house before buying another, also here we advise you to contact your bank, no seller will be prepared to take his house from the market and wait till yours will be sold, more info(engels)

You could be tempted, if you’re budget is limited, to buy a house which needs renovation. When you dispose of the necessary time and knowledge this could be a good solution to realise the house of your dreams, take in consideration, if you will sell afterwards that you could be subject to capital gains tax.

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