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Climate and weather

An average of 300 sunny days a year!

Weather forecast

http://www.lachainemeteo.com/ for de 12 following days in Narbonne(for other regions select a town or village).
http://www.meteofrance.com for the 4 next days, the whole department of the AUDE

The Tramontane, or Cers, can reach 100 km/h ! This wind coming from the NW is responsable for the fact that after rain the clouds are chased away and the sun re-appears soon. Especially in summer this wind is a welcome refreshment, in the winter it feels more chilly.
The Marin(vent d'Autan) is a humid wind coming from the coast.

The different regions from the Aude also have a different climate(some are mediteranean, others have more influence from the Atlantic Ocean), in general we can devide into 3 regions;
-the mediteranean part (large zone of the Corbières and ,Minervois and Narbonne) : from the coast till about 30km inland (here we have a mild climate, maximum hours of sunshine a day, dry summers and mild winters). This can be seen when observing the vegetation: garrigue(rock plants and herbs), olive and almond trees, pine trees and vine varieties which don't need much water.
area west from Carcassonne(Lauragais and Razes): this region has more influence from the Atlantic side, here more rainfall (although this remains reasonable compared to the Northern countries), that's why this is an agriculture region with cultures of cereal, sunflowers, rape and Limoux produces mainly white vinegrapes. Here grow crops which need more water.
-the mountain part: Haute Vallée, Corbières vertes and the Montagne Noire starting from a height of 600m. Here more precipitations, certainly in autumn and spring and snow in the winter. Especially the Montagne Noire has more rain than the other regions, here the vegetation is majorly composed of forest and woods, oaks, spruces, beeches, etc. You will no longer find olive and almond trees.

January and February
chances on rain, sometimes snow, with alternation of sunny days, temperature if sunny during the day around 15°C, the evenings are cooler but rarelu night frost(except in the mountain area).
March till May
pleasant temperatures around 25°C, evenings around 15°C, occasional rainfall.
juni tot half september
Especially August is hot, 40°C
from half September on, weather can change and rain showers appear. However there are more sunny days, October usually is better, than appears the so called "Indian summer". Even in December it's pleasant during the day, the evenings are cooler.


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