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1. Antique Culture

The region has a rich history starting from the prehistory (grots and dinosaurs), and medieval castles (former border between France and Spain), the historical town of Carcassonne, the roman history of Narbonne (Via Domitian, oppidums, Horreum), several abbeys, and the Canal du Midi (1) which relies the Atlantic coast through Toulouse to the Mediterranean.
The towns of Carcassonne(2) (Unesco patrimonium) with its famous medieval town and Narbonne (3) with its rich roman history and museums must be seen.
Afterwards there are also several famous abbeys like Fontfroide (4), Lagrasse (5) and Caunes Minervois (12), the Cathar Castles (6) of Peyrepertusse, Queribus, Termes, Villerouge Termenes, all surrounded by magnificent landscapes offering panoramic views. Those who are intrigued by the mysterie of the « Da Vinci Code» from Dan Brown must certainly visit the village of Rennes le Château (11), Dan Brown has based his book on the biggest mysterie of the Aude .
The villages of Gruissan (8), Minerve, Bages, Leucate (7) and Lagrasse are worth a visit too.
You can find books of all subjects in several languages in Montolieu (9) the"book" village, and in Le somail (10) with its antique library,
Amphoralis in Sallèles d'Aude is a roman pottery site where they still produce pots and amphora's once used for wine transport.

More info and links :

(1) http://www.canalmidi.com
(2) http://www.carcassonne-tourisme.com
(3) http://www.mairie-narbonne.fr
(4) http://www.fontfroide.com
(5) http://www.lagrasse.com, http://www.chanoines-lagrasse.com
(6) http://www.payscathare.com, http://www.chateau-peyrepertuse.com
(7) http://www.tourisme-leucate.fr/
(8) with its "plage des chalets" beach of chalets know from the film" 37,2° le matin", the old village, surrounded by salt lakes has kept its original charm and the tower Barberousse offers magnificent views. You can also visit "les salins" where they produce salt and purchase several types of salt for use in the kitchen or bath. http://www.gruissan-mediterranee.com
(9)the "books" village with several libraries and book shops, new or second hand, visit la Manufacture, http://www.montolieu-livre.fr/
(10) pleasant village at the border of the Canal du midi and an antique library containing literary treasures, tel 04 68 46 21 64
(11) it appears that here still lies the treasure found by the priest Sauniere, who became rich all of a sudden and has build it's own paradise. It's a mysterious place, different codes and signals are found in the church(where the devil is hiding behind a baptismal font), Joseph and Maria each hold a child(did Jesus have a twin brother?), the crusade goes in the opposite direction than the one general applied in churches. Rennes le Château, a mysterious site ! http://www.renneslechateau.fr,,
(12) Besides the abbey, you can visit the marble quarry (2km outside the village direction Trausse). The town owns its richness due to its famous pink marble used in Versailles, the opera Garnier and the ’Arc de Triomphe in Paris

2. General culture

Certainly in the summer period each village has its fête locale and vide grenier (flee market) and also daily animations at the beaches. Music, art and danse festivals like the Festival de Jazz in Conilhac, the Sol y Fiesta in Leucate, Les Amplofolies, Les Abracagrasses in Lagrasse, ……

In Mayronnes, small Corbières village close to Lagrasse, you can visit the "sentier sculpturel", a walk of about 2h in the "garrigue" decorated with modern art sculptures, exposure between Easter and mid-August, free entrance.


3. Links and Agenda

Modern Art: http://www.idgo.fr/
flee markets :
detailed agenda under our section links

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