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Sport Facilities
Rugby(1) and Pétanque(2) and also hunting (wild boar), are the most popular sports of the region !
(1)ffr-rugby; http://www.thezandescorbieres.com/clubrugby.htm
(2) if you want to participate at a village contest, jeu de boules or petanque, here the rules of the game
petanque rules in french; http://www.twinning.org.uk/petanque_rules_french.htm

In the Aude you can exercise your favourite sport throughout the whole year and discover the magnificent landscapes. The varied landscape from the Pyrenees till the Mediterranean with its beaches, lakes, forests, rivers, canyons and mountains offers plenty of possibilities. Below an overview of sports and links(most of the websites have an English language version), these 3 websites are updated regularly, and you will find all nescessary information on them : http://www.audetourisme.com; local sport clubs https://www.tourisme-corbieres-minervois.com

1.Water sports
(swimming, surf, kite, sailing, diving, canyoning, raft, kayak, cruises on the Canal)

2.Hiking mountain bike, horse back riding,quad off road trips
3.Speleology, climbing, hang-gliding
4.Fishing and hunting
5.Winter sports

1.Water Sports
All beaches have surveyed areas.  In general dogs are not allowed in these areas. Outside the surveyed zones( eg.the beach from Port La Nouvelle direction La Palme and La Franqui)you can access to the beach by car, walk your dogs, fish and surf.
Windsurf, kite, funboard

Leucate and Gruissan are famous spots for surfing, gliding, kite and funboard. The lakes and beaches, always dominated by wind, are ideal for advanced adepts and beginners. Throughout the year there are several events like the championship of funboard, le Mondial du vent, etc…

You will find yacht harbours in Fleury, Narbonne Plage, Gruissan plage, Port la Nouvelle and Port Leucate. Starting from there, you can make trips across the cricks direction Spain.
There are sailschools and possibility to rent catamarans, Port Mahon is a charming small harbour at the lake of Sigean, ideal for beginners
links : https://www.tourisme-leucate.fr; http://www.gruissan-mediterranee.com/;http://www.port-mahon-voile.com/

From Narbonne plage till Leucate, the sandy beaches are ideal for initiation and beginners. Around Leucate, the sea offers a rich underwater fauna and flora.

Canyoning, rafting, kayak

Raftin, kayak and canyoning is possible in the wild rivers of the Haute Vallée, region of Quillan.  You can follow the river stream of the Aude over 170 km, divided in several stages of 12 to 61km, category 1 to 4. And Canyoning in the Corbières, gorges from Galamus and Termes
et https://www.oxygen-aventure.com/

Cruise on the Canal du Midi
Boat rental, no licence needed, with sleeping cabins, in different locations at the border of the Canal. From one day till one week, you can discover the canal passing different sluice-gates on your own rhythm, enjoy the shade of the platane trees and numerous stops at charming villages having grocery stores, bars and restaurants.

2.Hiking, mountainbike, cycling and horse back riding
Throughout the region many paths invite you to discover the nature and culture. Between vineyards, rocks and canyons, these paths guide you to the cathar castles, ruins, springs, small villages, all surrounded by impressive landscapes.
The majority of these paths have access by foot, mountainbike and horse.
2 GR paths cross the region, the "sentier cathare" is divided in 12 steps, "Les tours des Pays" disposes of 4 different tracks, and each village has its own path, the "sentiers PR" well indicated and maintained, starting from 1 h till maximum 1 day walk.
Info and tips : http://auderando.fr/index.php

Be very careful with fire, nature is very fragile, please respect it !
1. The GR paths
GR7 (coming from the Montagne Noire, through the Canal du Midi, and crossing the Lauragais, Fanjeaux and Mirepoix)
GR36(part of a European path, E4/Swiss-Spain), crosses the Aude from north to south, you will pass the Pic de Nore, the Canal du Midi, Carcassonne, Lagrasse, the magnificent Corbières and several Cathar Castles like Villerouge, Termes and Peyrepertuse).
Signs in red/white marks, these paths take several days. Be prepared to have sufficient food, water and sleeping bags.
2.The sentier Cathare :
One of the most famous in France. Takes you to a journey in time. Starting from the coast till Montségur, through paths already used by the Cathars, you will pass historical places like Queribus, Peyrepertuse, Puilaurens, Puivert, Montségur and Foix. . The path can be done by mountainbike and horse and has a total distance of 200km, divided in 12 steps. Possibility to select only one lap having an average of 4 till 8 hours walk.
3. The Tours de pays
4 different circuits in different regions of the Aude
-Le Tour du Pays Lauragais (134 till 190km) laps from 15 till 35 km
-Le Sentier du Golfe Antique: 75km path devided in 5 laps who guide you through the lagoons of the Corbières; Bages and Sigean.  Already used by the Romans, these lagoons were close to the road linking Italy to Spain, the famous “Via Domitia”, used by Hannibal and his elephants
4. The walks around the villages, called "sentiers PR"

Around the towns and villages you can find a broad network of paths called “les boucles” or sentiers PR. Well maintained and having a yellow sign, the majority of these paths are accessible by foot, moutainbike and horse and taking you to nice spots of the area. These paths start in the villages and a panel informs you of the level of difficulty and the average time(between 1h and 8h).
There are many of these paths, best is to inform you at the local tourist office or at the mairie.
You have a large choice in the Corbières and La Montagne Noire

A path where modern art is exposed:
sentier sculpturel mayronnes

Mountainbike and cycling
29 indicated mountainbike and cyclingtours(all levels) in the Corbières-Minervois:
http-road cycling  http-mountainbike
     Family cycling along the Canal du Midi and around Narbonne: https://www.af3v.org/                      

HORSE riding:
list of riding stables, present in all areas of the Aude: centres d'équèstre dans l'aude

guided trips and courses in Paziols, english spoken: Petrolhead

3.Speleology, Climbing, Hang-gliding
Situated between the Massif Central and the Pyrenees, the Aude disposes of a large underground network of grots, canyons and rivers. Besides the grots open for the large public(Cabrespine et Limousis), you can also (under surveillance) discover the mysterious under ground world in other areas
info: http://www.speleoclubdelaude.fr//, http://grotte-aguzou.com accompanied visit of min 3h, at 600m depth, beautiful walk and visit of 3 rooms)
Region of La Clape (Narbonne) and Haute Vallée (Quillan)
Discovery flight in biplane : depending on the weather in Leucate, Tuchan and Argeliers
ULM airport in Lézignan-Corbières  :
4.Fishing and hunting

Hunting on wild boar in (Corbières and Montagne Noire)
info: Fédération Départementale des Chasseurs de l'Aude(tel: 04 68 25 07 42)
The large diversity in nature offers also a large diversity on fish from the river (pure water), lakes or the sea.  Fishing is regulated, you can ask a day or week permission at:permis de peche ; and in some tobacco shops
You can also accompany the fishermen on their fishing craft , seeking the big "Tuna" fish in Gruissan, Leucate and Port La Nouvellepeche au gros Leucate; thon club gruissan; peche étange et cotière-gruissan;

5.Winter sports

ski, snowboard and cross-country skiing in the Pyrenees
https://www.ski-camurac.com/; http://www.ax-ski.com ; http://www.lesangles.fr ; http://www.font-romeu.fr/

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